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by what he hoped was civil war. the car bomb was built in a storage unit in heyward. they changed the plan to the oakland bank and he said that he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded. it never did. he parked the car bomb at the bank and then tried to detinate it, it never went off and he was arrested. the police say that the obama never posed a risk. the prosecution's case will need to be very detailed. >> all of the key issues in the case were lylely recorded. certainly there were wire taps involved. because of the issue of entrapment, you do not want to have the government, in effect, committing the crime. >> another key to prosecuting the case will be the suspect's mental capacity. >> he associated himself with the taliban, is that a fantasy or something he believed. those issues will be critical. >> matthew had his first court appearance this morning, he will
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be back in court for a bail hearing next wednesday in oakland. we are live in san jose, nbc area news. >> the affidavit in the case is full of troubling details about the bombing plot and the suspect's plan to escape to another country can. we posted the entire do you want on our website and we will have more at 6:00. >> i'm in the nbc bay area investigateive unit. a picture of the weapon that led to his 2011 arrest and why he served one year of a six-year sentence. that is coming up. >> we will see you then. big developments today in fairfield, police say they caught the killer on of a 13-year-old girl that was found dead in a local fairfield park. >> officers arrested this man this morning. he now faces murder charges in
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the death genelle conway allen. we are at the das office with new details. >> good evening, we just learned the suspect in the case, anthony jones is scheduled to be arraigned next wednesday. but the question is what is the if any between the suspect and the victim? fairfield police refused to answer any questions at a news conference earlier today. >> we have evidence linking jones to this homicide. and we believe at this time he act alone and there were no other suspects named in this case. >> now, officers took 32-year-old jones as he was walking along the 1100 block of east tabor at about 7:00 this morning. jones will be arraigned next wednesday, but they will not say what charges he will face. despite the lack of information from officials here, news of an arrest comes as a huge relief to
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both the family and friends of the 13-year-old girl. the entire community has been in shock and in dispair since the girl's body was found last friday morning at a park in allen witt park. jones was identified as a suspect early on in the investigation. and he had been under 24 surveillance. we talked to the manager of a mini mart not far from where he was arrested and he seemed to recognize jones from his mug shot. >> once in a while, he will come out, you know, on and off he will drop by here. he is not a regular customer or seeing around. >> it's good that they have someone in custody and knowing that there's kids running around here, it's good. >> that store manager said he turned over video from his store to police, investigators were interested in seeing what happened outside the store between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 last thursday morning. a police camera 50 yards from the store cap chred the last known image of the girl wearing
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a pink hello kitty backpack. the girl's foster family released a reaction. her foster mother said, we can now begin to say goodbye to sweet genelle, we love you so much, may you find peace forever. we are working to get more information on his background, and in the meantime, a vigil is set to take place at allen witt park at 6:30 tonight. live in fairfield, nbc way area news. >> a tragic story. thank you for the update. a parolee who slipped out of handcuffs and got away from police is back if custody. they found anthony sanchez sleeping inside a stolen truck last night. he was taken into custody and they recovered the handcuffs. on wednesday night, sanchez escaped from officers after being arrested on hillsdale avenue, officers linked to sets
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of handcuffs together, but he was able to slip them to the front of his body and take off in a police van. this story continues to grip southern california. tension and father are filling the streets as thousands of police officers are searching for a former come on a suspected killing spree. the search for christopher dorner has gone gold. literally. snow is hampering efforts near big bear lake. the focus is on a 8 square mile area t suspects mother has land in that area. the ordeal began on super bowl sunday when a woman and her fiance were found murdered in irvine. the woman was the daughter of a retired los angeles police captain and then yesterday, dorner shot three other officers in riverside county. killing one. >> he we will continue searching until we discover that he left the mountain or we find him. one of the two. >> dorner's burned out vehicle was found in that area of big
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bear lake yesterday. but authorities say it could be a dee coy or a trap. according his manifesto, dorner said he has anger and that has been simmering for years and he is now seeking revenge from the los angeles police force in 2008. >> silicon valley is famous for creating jobs. but it's if a well known governor has his way, we will be losing the jobs soon. scott, another attempt to lure local companies. >> that is right, this time from texas and governor rick perry, coming to town, to try to convince bay area businesses to switch to the lone star states. we went where business leaders gathered and asked if anyone is heading south? >> by just about any measure, silicon valley is leading the country when it comes to job creation. >> on the jobs front, very, very well. >> no one person knows what will come together here. >> here at joint venture state of the valley conference.
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business leaders will admit, it's not perfect. >> but i think as we face increased corporate taxes, is i going to be more challenging and it's going to be less about needing to be in silicone valley, and with technology, you can be anywhere and do your business elsewhere. >> and companies like bell, will be better suited, to come to texas. >> which is what texas governor rick perry is saying as he meets with silicon valley ceos, trying to get local businesses especially small businesses to pick up and of move to texas. will it work? >> we are of the valley. the tech ecosystem. one and the same. we are here. >> so you are not swayed or tempted by the texas? >> not at all. texas might be best to be swayed by us. >> she that is a point. while a small number of companies have left the valley. a far larger number come here.
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including one of texas's all time success stories. dell, which recently opened a big office and hired dozens of people in the center of silicon valley. >> and so businesses are being created had here all the time. what happens is people come here from everywhere, they start businesses and that is an exciting thing. we are a place where you create businesses not where people move out. >> it's not always easy to do business here. but most will tell you, the grass is rarely greener anywhere else. >> among the findings of the joint convenient schur index, a rise in job growth that more than doubles the increase in jobs for the country as a whole. >>s in a great place to be. the heartland of innovation. thanks gois. >> the high pro tile hack, what was exposed after a first family was targeted on line. plus? i am life ve at sfo where more n 60 flights were cancelled.
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>> and timmy has everyone talking. do you recognize him, how a giants' star's make over has the social media world buzzing. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in san francisco, where ancient chinese artifacts being restored. we will have more on that and the ever changing forecast in a few minutes.
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>> we have developing news to pass along, our nbc chopper is above the scene, if you look closely, you see a sail boat down below, that 20-foot sail boat capsized a couple miles east of sfo, east of the run way.
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south san francisco fire rescued two people that were clinging to the side of the boat. thankfully both people are okay, they were rescued and those people are okay. >> a blizzard is pounding the northeast at this hour, dumping what could be record snowfall and it's crippling air travel across the country. a live look at new york times square, you can see the snow falling. nearly 5,000 flights cancelled across the country. including 60 out of sfo, we have a look at what travelers can expect this weekend? >> well, travels can expect delays here this weekend. some passengers arrived to find that their flight is not just delayed a few hours but a few days. >> alfonzo thought he would be a flight to see his four kids in new jersey by now. instead he is scrambling to find a hotel room. >> i was flying today to new york and new jersey, it was
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going to be a flight, but i have been delayed to tomorrow. >> this storm caused a blizzard of cancellations at sfo today. >> we have seen over 60 flights cancelling to and from san francisco, and really, what we are seeing is boston, new york, newark and philadelphia have flight cancellations. >> 2/3 of the flights impacted were departures from sfo, causing residual impacts to international travelers. this meant said he spent three hours on the phone with his airline trying to find a way to fly his family back home to istanbul, turkey. he is watching the board, as he attempts to fly home to new jersey. >> it's just an hour at this point and i'm hoping it will not be later than that. i'm really kind of concerned by all the things we have seen about the weather. it will get worse as the day goes on. so, i'm hoping we can get out right now. >> but looking on the bright side, he said if his flight is cancelled, that will be more time visiting his brother.
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and perhaps a hug hello instead of goodbye. >> that is called making the best of it. i checked with oakland international and they say that one flight to new york was cancelled today and san jose international also sought minimal impacts today, but airport leaders here at sfo said expect more cancellations throughout the weekend, be sure to call your airline carrier before heading here to the airport. reporting live at sfo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. and speaking of airports how about google international airport. sort of. mountain view based google is approaching the city of san jose, they need a place for their private jets. they have a new terminal, and plenty of passengers but google is not among them. google is approaching san jose about building annex active terminal, where google and other
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silicon valley firms could park and service their jets. airport officials say it will generate more than $2 million a year in rent. >> the housing market is showing a bit of a rebound as well as home remodelling. the national home builders association predicts a 20% increase in remodels over the next year. but things are different than the housing boom in 2005, when home owners were remodelling and flipping for profit. this time they are paying with cash and instead of grading to sell. they are staying put. >> their home is their castle and people are remodelling to enjoy. it's a factor with many people getting ideas off of sites like pinterest. >> the most talked about haircut in the country now. the giants were back at at&t park and we think we saw tim
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lincecum. we did. many of the giants at the park today getting ready for tomorrow's fan fest, it's free to the public. fans get a chance to meet and greet players and. and who is is that? >> timmy lins, any goodness. all clean cut, he was the talk of today, everyone saying is that really you? yeah, it's really me. i wants to clean up his act and have a better season. all the players getting ready, including buster for tomorrow. >> this is a lot of fun for the players. it's a time for them to show appreciation to the fans. >> i think we have a unique group of guys that enjoy playing together. so, it's exciting to have. pretty much the same group of guys back. >> imagine baseball is back, fan
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fest is free. expect long lines for autographs. it will be worth it. public transportation is strongly encouraged. the giants hit the road next week. at least pitchers and catchers do. they report for spring train. as you know, we are the proud broadcast home of the giants. look for our reports on monday. >> in the asian art museum, there's something interest going on. >> how are you? >> we are good, how are you? >> i'm incredible, we have a vip pass here. we are just over a day away from the chinese lunar new year beginning. many of you know the new year when it comes to the chinese community as the parade that marches down market street in san francisco. that world famous parade. but there's many cultural rituals leading up to that
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parade and this year, there will be a new element that is woven into the new year. and as mentioned at the museum here, joining us right now, jay, this new kpint. the warrior exhibit. it's a huge addition? >> it is. the warriors are the world's largest underground army. they are larger than life size. they are incredibly realistic. >> it's a wonderful thing. they have been called the eighth wonder of the world. come out to see it. >> we are looking at the video right now on the television screen and you are noting that there's one of them in particular out of the ten that i cannot miss. give us a description on that one. >> one is very curious, it's a kneeling archer. at the face, it's colored in green and other parts of the body also have traces of original color. so why his fate would be colored in green? come out to check it out.
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>> good tease. and the other thing with the chinese new year beginning sunday. we know it's one of the most celebrated holidays in chinese culture. we are going from the year of the dragon to the year of the snake. any indication of what that means for people is this. >> lunar new year's other name is spring festival. it's a time that the earth is waking up and it's a wonderful time for us to bring the exhibit, the most spectacular works of art from china to the people in san francisco. let's celebrate and grow together. >> that is awesome. thank you for joining us here at the asian art museum in san francisco. this opens up on february the 22nd. it's a can't miss event. let's get to the weather maps. as we are upon the new year here in the san francisco bay area. we did have snow of our own back here last night and also early this morning down to 500 feet of rain snow mix and a dusting of
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snow across the santa cruz mountains. those of you in the fremont hills, we get a rain-snow mix. let's advance to the weather maps. we have the blizzard in the northeast, producing 1 to 3 feet of snow. if you are headed that way, do expect major delays. meanwhile, for tonight, we are expecting temperatures that are going to be dropping down in to the 20s and the 30s, areas of patchy frost for the north bay and east bay and like lg ice on the roads. this exhibit, once again, it's out here at the asian art museum of san francisco, you can come out this sunday, even to the museum while it's not open just yet. the exhibit, you can enjoy the fest activities one of the biggest in chinese culture. a quick look and we do have sunny weather and temperatures in the 60s. as we head throughout next week. raj, and janelle, look at this little guy here. this is one example of what you might come upon, he is not quite
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2000 years old, but they have done a good job on him. >> great souvenir. >> great exhibit. >> yes it is, i can't wait. >> back in a moment. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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>> former president george hw lush and his family are -- george h. w. bush and his family were victims of a hacking scandal. several personal photos have been posted on line. the hacked material includes telephone numbers, home addresses and other things of many bush family members, including both former presidents and this includes the security code for george w's home in dallas. a criminal investigation is under way. we are back in a moment.
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>> our nbc chopper in the san francisco bay develops news of a successful rescue, a sail boat capsizes a short while ago, two people were overboard and rescued, they are okay at this hour. >> thanks for joining us, hope to see you back here at 6:00, good night folks.
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on our broadcast tonight, states of emergency. a wild night as a dangerous blizzard brings much of the northeast to a standstill. up to 3 feet of snow piling up. major cities and airports shutting down. on edge in the state of california. they're now going door to door, searching for an armed and dangerous sniper who is hunting police officers and their families. and the fleecing of america. $1 billion worth of our tax
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money being wasted in washington. is it any way to run our government. tonight, what we have uncovered. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. here's one example of how bad it's getting tonight across the east coast tonight. in massachusetts, all vehicles were ordered off the roads at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's across the entire state of massachusetts. genuine blizzard warnings are posted across a big area. this is the northern shore of massachusetts, just outside of boston, revere beach, where the winds have already picked up. we could see some history-making snowfall out of this storm. we've already seen a colossal stoppage of transportation,

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